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Research Hotspots and Development Trend Analysis of Standardized Training of Chinese Medicine Resident Doctors

Objective: To explore the research hotspots and trends of the standardized training of TCM resident doctors in the past 11 years through the bibliometric analysis of the research on the standardized training of TCM resident doctors (abbreviated as resident training). Based on the China Knowledge Network (CNKI) database, the research used bibliometric research methods through CiteSpace to visually analyze the annual distribution, institutions, authors, and keywords of articles published from 2011 to 2021 and analyze the frequency and aggregation of keywords. The analytical results were discussed. Results: 1) A total of 470 articles on residential training in traditional Chinese medicine were included. The results showed that Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University, was the institution with the most publications, and Wang Yan and Liu Yonghui were the authors with the most publications. 2) The research hotspots of TCM residency training mainly include primary teaching, case-based teaching and seminar teaching and other teaching mode research, TCM clinical thinking, clinical skills and doctor-patient communication ability and other post competency training research, teaching reform, dual-track integration and "5 + 3" integration and other talent training models research, TCM inheritance, residential training quality, residency employment and scientific research capabilities and other problems in TCM residential training, TCM innovative talent training and TCM international integration exploration and practice research. 3) From the exploration of standardized training mode—the exploration of teaching reforms and teaching methods — The research on the competency of resident doctors was the trend of the research on residential training of traditional Chinese medicine. Conclusion The critical research directions of TCM residency training should focus on the teaching and training mode of TCM residents, the problems existing in TCM residency training, the cultivation of innovative TCM talents and the internationalization of TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Standardized Residency Training, Visualization Analysis

APA Style

Zhichun Zhang, Lu Miao, Mei Wang, Liyuan Lv, Shaodan Tian. (2022). Research Hotspots and Development Trend Analysis of Standardized Training of Chinese Medicine Resident Doctors. International Journal of Chinese Medicine, 6(3), 46-51.

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Zhichun Zhang; Lu Miao; Mei Wang; Liyuan Lv; Shaodan Tian. Research Hotspots and Development Trend Analysis of Standardized Training of Chinese Medicine Resident Doctors. Int. J. Chin. Med. 2022, 6(3), 46-51. doi: 10.11648/j.ijcm.20220603.12

AMA Style

Zhichun Zhang, Lu Miao, Mei Wang, Liyuan Lv, Shaodan Tian. Research Hotspots and Development Trend Analysis of Standardized Training of Chinese Medicine Resident Doctors. Int J Chin Med. 2022;6(3):46-51. doi: 10.11648/j.ijcm.20220603.12

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