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A Case Report of Comprehensive Detumescence Therapy Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Lymphedema After Endometrial Cancer

Background: Endometrial cancer is one of the most common tumors in the female reproductive system, and lower limb edema is one of the common complications after endometrial cancer. Long term lower limb edema leads to serious aggravation of patients' life dependence and affects their quality of life; It is difficult for patients to live independently without their families, resulting in psychological anxiety and even depression. Objective: to introduce the application of comprehensive detumescence therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of lymphedema after endometrial cancer operation. METHODS: 1 Case of Lower Limb lymphedema after endometrial cancer operation was collected, and according to the specific swelling condition and degree of the patients, the reasonable comprehensive detumescence therapy and TCM treatment plan were made. The methods of treatment were manual lymphatic drainage, low-stretch elastic bandage, extracorporeal shock wave apparatus and pneumatic limb blood circulation therapy, combined with acupoint therapy and external application of traditional Chinese medicine. The patient was evaluated for recovery after 1 month of treatment. Results: The combined swelling therapy and internal application of traditional Chinese medicine relieved the swelling in the short time. Conclusion: The effect of postoperative lymphoedema swelling is definite and worth promotion.

Comprehensive Detumescence Therapy, Postoperative Lymphedema, Medical Records, Case Report

Hu Shi-si, Xiong Zhi-feng, Gao Yuan, Gan Lin. (2022). A Case Report of Comprehensive Detumescence Therapy Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Lymphedema After Endometrial Cancer. International Journal of Chinese Medicine, 6(2), 34-39.

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