International Journal of Chinese Medicine

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020

  • Combination of HPLC Fingerprint and QAMS as a New Analytical Approach for Determination of Bufadienolides in Bufonis Venenum

    Yi Luo, Cejia Liu, Shengci Fan, Zhaoqing Meng, Fei He

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020
    Pages: 1-11
    Received: 28 November 2019
    Accepted: 18 December 2019
    Published: 21 January 2020
    Abstract: The present study presents an effective and comprehensive evaluation method for assessing the quality of Bufonis Venenum, based on analysis of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fingerprints in combination with similarity analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA), principal component analysis (PCA) and a quantitative analysis multi-c... Show More
  • Analysis of TCM Syndrome Types of Manic Disorder: Data from Clinical Therapy of TCM and Western Medicine

    Sun Fengli, Li Wei, Yu Fang, Song Xinyu, Liu Jie, Chen Fengpei, Zhu Jianfeng, Gao Zhihan, Ma Yongchun, Chen Jiong, Xing Baoping, Chen Song, Jin Weidong, Wang Zhiqiang

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020
    Pages: 12-15
    Received: 22 December 2019
    Accepted: 30 December 2019
    Published: 14 February 2020
    Abstract: Objective: to analyze the distribution characteristics and composition ratio of Chinese medicine syndrome in manic disease from the published literature on the combined treatment of manic mania by Chinese and Western medicine. Methods: to collect literature from Chinese database, to analyze and classify the cases that meet the standard combined tre... Show More